I have been involved in fitness training for over 25 years.  I am certified by the American Council on Exercise and the American Fitness Professional Association as a personal trainer.  I am also certified by the American Fitness Professional Association in nutrition.  My involvement in the fitness arena has been a life long commitment.  I take a holistic approach to fitness, incorporating nutritional counseling, yoga, mind/body connection, and of course exercise.  I will tailor an exercise program for your individual needs, taking into consideration your previous experiences, personal preferences, and goals.  

Some of the tools I incorporate into your program may include:  weights, cardiovascular conditioning, balance, and flexibility.  Each client is given a body fat analysis and nutritional guidance at the start of his/her program with regular follow up to assess progress and weight loss.  I want you to be comfortable with your program and to have fun. On a personal note, I am a 53 y/o mother of three  adult sons and as you can see from the picture have returned to my pre-pregnancy level of fitness.

I will train you in the comfort of your home or in my personal, state of the art, fitness studio in Ellicott City. 

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